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Who We are

Our mission is to improve the environmental quality, to educate our future generations, and to raise awareness among our community by partnering with local businesses, community leaders, government officials, schools and neighbours.

What We Do

EcoWatch Canada is a registered non-profit environmental organization founded by a group of young professionals from a range of industries who sought to improve humanity’s ecological footprint. Our venture is to endorse environmental sustainability through the advancement of education in the areas of ecological crises, investigate ongoing environmental research, determine pragmatic and immediate sustainability solutions and investing into environment technologies to foster a substainable future for our future generations.

By instilling these values in the current generation, we wish to produce a habitual environmental consciousness in future generations. It is of increasing importance that we create this consciousness now, at the definitive moment when our planet is becoming more and more defenseless in the face of industrial overdevelopment.

Our active focus has been to encourage and support the development of environmentally friendly projects within the community. By integrating these practices into our every-day lives, new habits will be formed, and our culture will change from one of “Green Thinking” to one of “Green Living.” This will posture the city for innovative environmental business opportunities and economic investments. It is our vision that North America can be the first “Green City” and serve as a model for sustainable urban living.

Our Pround Partners & Sponsors

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