Our vision is to ensure a better living environment for our future generations.

                 We B.I.D. to build a better tomorrow

          BBRING environmental awareness to people
          I :  Help people understand how to IMPLEMENT sustainable solutions
          DDELIVER sustainable solutions to people



Our mission is to improve the environmental quality, educate our future generations, and raise awareness among our community by partnering with local businesses, community leaders, government officials, schools and neighbours.

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Our Board

Board Chair/Executive Director

Carmen Ng


Nelson Yeung


Julie Goriounov


Director, Business Development

Nelson Yeung

Director, Program

Jane Fung

Director, EWC China Operations

Yan Shiu

Director, Strategic Planning & Marketing

Emilie Wong

Manager, Strategic Planning & Marketing

Adrienne Wong

Manager, Business & Program Operations

Julie Goriounov

Manager, Finance & Business Development

Wendy Ha

Manager, PR & Communications

Tiffany Wan

Manager, Marketing and Communications

Adrian Wong

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